Keeyask South Access Road

Location: Keeyask South Access Road, Gillam, Manitoba

Project Description: New Road Construction – Gillam, MB, to Keeyask Generating Station Site (35 Kilometers)

Project Value: $59,400,000

Completion Date: October 2016

Owner: Manitoba Hydro
Re: Brian Beyak

Project Description

This project is currently in progress and is being completed by Amisk Construction, a joint venture comprised of the Cree Nation Partners (CNP) and Sigfusson Northern Ltd. Work on the project commenced in February, 2016 and is on schedule to be completed in October, 2016. The main deliverables on this project are clearing the South Access Road right-of-way, drilling and blasting solid rock for placement in the road structure, excavating and hauling on-site composite material for placement in the road structure, and manufacturing and hauling aggregate for placement as base course (100mm Minus Material) and road topping (Traffic Gravel) material.

At project completion, Amisk Construction will have been responsible for clearing 360 hectares of trees to form the 100m wide South Access Road right-of-way. Drill and Blast crews will have blasted over 800,000 m3 of solid rock for placement in the road structure as well as for use in aggregate manufacturing. From this, crushing crews will have produced 570,000 tonne of material for use as base course and road topping. In addition to the blast rock and manufactured product that will have been installed, the placement of over 1,000,000 m3 of composite material sourced from multiple deposits on-site will have been completed utilizing a fleet of 65 Ton Rock Trucks.

As of May 31, 2016, Amisk Construction has completed placement of all blast rock and composite material on the South Access Road embankment. Approximately 65% of all manufactured aggregate has been installed on the structure along with 1500 LM of through-grade culverts and 470 LM of culverts installed through fish-bearing streams. Throughout the summer of 2016, Amisk Construction will work towards completing the installation of all manufactured aggregate along with permanent erosion control measures and site fixtures.

The South Access Road Project has employed approximately 300 individuals throughout construction with peak on-site staff levels of 120 housed in an Amisk Construction owned and operated on-site camp facility. At completion, construction will have occurred over 2 winter and 2 summer seasons. The South Access Road Project is on track to be substantially completed in the fall of 2016.