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Building Beyond

Whether it’s northern road construction, another civil construction project, or something else entirely new, working with Sigfusson Northern gives you the same benefits every time. Your project is in good hands.

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We Know the North

This is some of the toughest terrain in the country, and it’s where we work best. Throughout a history that spans several decades in northern construction, we’ve proven ourselves to be tough, prepared, and self-sufficient. It’s a challenging environment, to be sure. We’ve faced much of it before, but we also have the experience to know no two projects are the same. The north will always throw curveballs our way, and that’s what excites us.

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We're Multi-Faceted

From large multi-million-dollar projects to small commercial developments, we’ve built capability and capacity for a wide range of projects to serve you over our decades in business. Our list of services will only keep expanding as we continue growing as a company.

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We Help Lift Communities

Wherever we work, we commit to supporting the community and surrounding area, making us the company of choice for northern projects. Striving to drive as much economic growth as possible, our dedication means we hire local workers for the short and long term, support local businesses during our stay, and participate in community and cultural events and other local happenings — whatever we can do to ensure the community benefits. When the community succeeds, we succeed.

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We Offer Solutions

Sigfusson Northern doesn’t just build. When you choose us, you gain a collaborative partner. We work with you, assess, troubleshoot and develop solutions that no one else can. That includes building a new way to success when there isn’t already a tried-and-true path and staying open to new ideas wherever they come from.

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We’re Highly Skilled

At Sigfusson Northern, only highly skilled and qualified workers come to work on your project. Thanks to our training and development programs, our team is truly second to none in the industry. Your projects will get done safely, on time, and on budget.

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We Embrace New Technology

Choosing Sigfusson Northern means working with a team at the forefront of new technology in construction. We’re constantly exploring the latest developments and adopting those that serve our clients so we stay time-efficient, cost-effective, and ready for anything.

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With our skills, grit, and attitude, there’s no challenge we can’t overcome — and there’s no better contractor for your project.

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