Design-Build Rehabilitation of Lundar Memorial Arena

The Challenge

Sigfusson Northern Ltd. worked together with the RM of Coldwell (the Owner) and the design team of D.S. Allen Engineering to complete the rehabilitation of the Lundar Memorial Arena Project. Sigfusson was the general contractor on the project and led the design and build to satisfy the Owner’s requirements to optimize utilization of existing infrastructure, upgrade energy efficiency of the building envelope, and keep project costs within the Owner’s budget, which was presented to RM of Coldwell taxpayers.

The scope of work included the following:

  • Remove the old wooden laminated arch building
  • Install new pile foundations around the perimetre of the arena to hold the new building envelope because condition of existing arena foundation was unknown
  • Reconfigured entrance location – parking and main entrance moved to northeast side
  • 12” thick pre-cast concrete wall panels (3” concrete – 6” Styrofoam Insulation – 3” concrete) – insulating R29 Value
  • Steel roof truss system complete with standing seam metal roof and fiberglass blow in insulation complete with vapour barrier to provide insulating R40 value
  • Arena seating – utilizing old Winnipeg Blue Bomber Stadium Seats salvaged by Grettir volunteers prior to Stadium being torn down
  • 8’ wide walking track – identified as #1 priority in feasibility study questionnaires
  • Elevator
  • Second floor heated viewing area (forms part of Phase 2)
  • Relocation of ammonia refrigeration plant from west to east side of arena
  • In-floor heating tube system
  • Installation of heat exchangers to satisfy code fresh air and exhaust requirements for specified building occupancy load
  • Upgrade existing electrical service to handle all phases of multi-purpose facility plan

Utilize existing:

  • Arena ice surface concrete slab/boards/glass
  • Artificial ice plant (ammonia refrigeration plant) – relocate only
  • Change rooms
  • Water UV filtration system
  • Curling rink structure and washrooms

Our Solution

As the General Contractor, Sigfusson managed all sub-trades, procurement and design guidance and was able to successfully complete the Phase 1 scope of work under budget, allowing the owner to proceed with completing Phase 2 second floor finishing within the outlined Phase 1 budget.

Project Specs

Location: Lundar, Manitoba

Description: Design-Build Rehabilitation of Lundar Memorial Arena

Completed on: November 2018