Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project Features

The Challenge

This project was created with the goal of delivering grid power to remote communities in Northwestern Ontario. Each contract for Right of Way Clearing and Foundation Installation in the Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project was awarded to a joint venture involving First Nations communities having territorial rights to the project area. These sections extended from Pickle Lake south to Dinorwic and north to North Caribou Lake First Nation, as well as from Red Lake North. This project started in the winter of 2018/19 and will be completed in the winter of 2022/23.

Our Solution

This work has involved clearing a new 40-metre Right of Way over 400 km in length and the installation of foundations/anchors in various locations for the Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project. This project included setting up remote camps, mobilizing equipment, opening access trails and roads, foundation and anchor installation with different types dependent on ground conditions, and clearing Right of Way through sensitive permafrost areas of Northwestern Ontario. These highly sensitive environmental sites required multiple methods of clearing. Salvage operations were conducted in areas of merchantable timber.

Project Specs

Location: Northwestern Ontario

Description: Power Line Construction Right of Way Clearing & Foundation Installation

Completed on: Ongoing - Scheduled Completion: Winter 2024