8 Mile Channel Landfarm, Winter Road, Shoreline Protection, Debris Cleanup and Remediation

The Challenge

The Norway House Cree Nation 8 Mile Channel Landfarm, Shoreline Protection, Winter Road, Debris Cleanup and Remediation Projects are being executed by JNR Construction, a joint venture between Norway House Cree Nation and Sigfusson Northern Ltd. Manitoba Hydro, in partnership with Norway House Cree Nation, are working to remediate the land back to a more natural area. Due to the topography of the area, a variety of approaches needed to be addressed, such as remediation on the riverbed, which required cofferdam installation; sediment run off; and erosion, which required shoreline protection. Based on the elevation changes of the waterfront at 8 mile channel, the shoreline protection scope of work needed to be completed during the winter months, engaging the requirement of a winter road.

Our Solution

Throughout these projects, JNR has undertaken multiple significant and challenging scopes of work. These work items include:

  • Continued remediation and reinforcement of the shoreline. This includes the production and hauling of rip rap material to site via winter road.
  • Mobilization and operation of a construction camp to house project staff while working at 8 mile channel.
  • Design, development and construction of a 15,000m3 HDPE lined soil treatment facility in addition to upgrading and repairing the existing 8,000m3 soil treatment facility.
  • Removal of approximately 2,500m3 of water-contaminated soil with the use of a sheet pile cutoff wall for locations located in the river channel.
  • Removal of surface and subsurface debris from the entire 8 Mile Channel Project area and surrounding areas. Debris removed included waste oil barrels, metal, asbestos-containing materials, PCBs and miscellaneous construction garbage. All items removed required documentation and materials testing to verify the state and possible existence of contaminants. As debris was removed, the contaminated material needed to be transported offsite to a licensed disposal facility or to the newly constructed onsite soil treatment facility.

Project Specs

Location: Norway House, Manitoba

Description: Cofferdam Installation, Winter Road, Shoreline Protection, Removal & Haulage of Contaminated Material

Completed on: Ongoing (Scheduled Completion Date Fall 2023)