As a veteran construction business with decades of history, Sigfusson Northern has built capacity for a diverse range of services in our Heavy Civil Construction and General Contracting divisions. We are at the forefront of adopting new techniques and technologies as we strive to serve you and your community better.

Our Heavy Civil Construction division shapes the land with vital infrastructure while General Contracting does major builds of other facilities in the community. No matter the challenge, Sigfusson Northern rises to meet it.

Job Types:

  • Earth and rock excavation
  • Mine construction, open pit operation and mine site restoration
  • Road construction
  • Dam work
  • Earthwork on lagoons, tailings ponds and waste contamination cells
  • Transmission line right of way clearing
  • Transmission line foundation installations
  • Environmental cleanup and soil remediation
  • Sewer and water projects
  • Crushing and screening
  • Drilling and blasting
  • Clearing and landscaping
  • Winter road construction and haulage
  • Oversize and heavy

Heavy Civil Construction

Helping to bridge and shape communities in the farthest reaches of Manitoba’s North, Sigfusson’s work in Heavy Civil Construction builds vital infrastructure through some of Canada’s toughest terrain.

General Contractor

Sigfusson Northern’s General Contracting division helps to further develop the communities we work with, building major civil and private facilities once key infrastructure is complete.

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