MB Hydro 2 Mile Channel Sediment Remediation

The Challenge

The 2 Mile Remediation Project is a complex undertaking between Manitoba Hydro, JNR Construction (J.V. between Sigfusson Northern and Norway House Cree Nation), and Dillon Consulting where all parties work together to remove all debris and remediate any contaminants that remain on location.

The 2 Mile Channel is a diversion channel that was created through a process known as dredging by Manitoba Hydro in the 1970s. The channel was created to increase the outflows from Lake Winnipeg, which are controlled by a structure known as the Jenpeg Generating Station.

Our Solution

During construction of this channel, a worksite community was established where crews lived and worked in the remote location between Lake Winnipeg and Playgreen Lake. Once construction was completed and the area was demobilized, a variety of debris and environmental contamination remained on site.

The project includes the construction of a 10,000 m2 soil treatment cell onsite. The installation of a cofferdam to address in-water contamination. The cofferdam is composed of ±115 m of sheet pile and ±55 m of super sandbags. There is also marine and terrestrial debris removal, as well as soil remediation consisting of upward of 1,800 targets.

Project Specs

Location: Norway House, Manitoba

Description: Remediation Project

Completed on: Ongoing - Scheduled Completion: Fall 2024