Magino Gold Project

The Challenge

SNL was awarded and began construction of the Magino Gold Project for Argonaut Gold in early 2021. The project being in initial start up phase presented numerous challenges and a broad scope including but not limited to:

Our Solution

Clearing and Logging
SNL was responsible for site development and access including 400 ha of clearing and logging. Clearing activities required sorting by species and logging operations to multiple locations. SNL completed the first phase in April of 2021 with the support of a logging contractor and use of internal resources to develop access, clear nonmerchantable timber, and brush pile disposal. SNL is actively working with the Argonaut
Environmental team to develop the future clearing permits to ensure compliance with ministry regulations. Additional clearing of approximately 90 ha took place winter ’21/22.

Plant Site Development
SNL completed the development of foundations and infrastructure required for the processing plant. Scope included topsoil stripping, excavation, drill and blast, bulk rock fill, and detailed grading operations. SNL is worked with Argonaut to complete drainage systems based on the extreme topography of the site, including perimeter drains, subsurface drains, and water management sumps.

Open Pit Development
SNL was responsible for the open pit early works removing all topsoil and overburden material in preparation for drilling and blasting operations. SNL removed over 550,000 m3 to expose bedrock and begin pioneering drill blast operations consisting of 350,000 m3 prior to handover with mine operations. SNL continues to provide open pit excavation, hauling, and dewatering support working closely with mine operations.

Haul Roads & Infrastructure
SNL is continuously expanding the site by building a vast network of haul roads, access roads, and a public by-pass road. The haul road network consists of 6 km of roads totaling over 400,000 m3 of bulk rockfill material. An additional 4 km of access roads into auxiliary
work fronts totaling over 200,000m3 of bulk rock fill. SNL is actively working with the mine operations team to build access and development into work sites for geotechnical investigation, exploration, and environmental control systems.

Project Specs

Location: Dubreuilville, Ontario

Description: Clearing, Pit Pre-Strip, Haul Roads, Plant Site Earthworks & Dam Construction

Completed on: Ongoing - Scheduled Completion: Winter 2024