Tailings Management Area Stage 2 Overbuild

The Challenge

Sigfusson Northern Ltd. was awarded with and completed the Tailings Management Area Stage 2-Overbuild contract.

Our Solution

After successful completion of the TMA Stage 2 Raise, SNL completed the Stage 2 Overbuild in preparation for future dam development. Construction consisted of 1,200,000 m3 of clay core and blast rock shell across 8.5 km of the Tailings Dams. SNL also completed 9 dam abutments consisting of bedrock treatment including washing, slush grout, and dental concrete placement. The work took place through fall/early winter conditions and required many controls to be successful, including but not limited to heating and hoarding, reconditioning materials, and hot seating operators to maintain live work fronts.

Project Specs

Location: Rainy River, Ontario

Description: Earthworks at the TMA for Overbuilding, Bedrock Clearing & Preparation

Completed on: October 2020