Sigfusson Northern is a dynamic, multi-faceted contractor with a history of taking on challenging projects in some of Canada’s toughest terrain. From public infrastructure to private facilities, we use our history, experience, and resources to see through the most complex projects, offering solutions no one else can in terrains no one else dares to go — and we do it all while making a positive social and economic impact in the communities we work.


The Sigfusson family legacy began in the 1920s as a commercial fishing and hauling enterprise. Doing its work in the remote north, it didn’t take long for the business to expand to winter road construction, which it used to supply vital goods to isolated northern communities.

Blazing trails into some of Canada’s toughest and most inaccessible terrain, Sigfusson Northern soon became recognized as pioneers of winter roads, with a reputation for quality work, guaranteed freight, and competitive rates.

Soon enough, we left behind the fishing business to focus on work in northern construction. We continued to emphasize positive impact in the communities we work through cultural exchange, job opportunities, and other economic activity. Over the decades, Sigfusson Northern has diversified its services and grown an employee base that can swell to over a thousand workers.

The company now stands at the forefront of heavy civil construction and general contracting in the North, known for its ability to overcome any obstacle. Tough, reliable, and quality-driven, we consistently deliver the highest value.


Everything we do is centred around four core values. These values keep us on track and contribute immeasurably to our success as an organization.

Plan the Work, Work the Plan – Every project has a thorough plan. Our commitment to that plan is what gets us results and keep us safe.

Continual Improvement – As a forward-thinking company, we are always learning, documenting, sharing, and teaching new ideas and alternatives in what we do.

We Care – We care about the wellbeing of our employees, treating them as people first. We treat coworkers, customers, and community members with courtesy and respect.

Versatility – We all chip and help each other out, even if it’s not in our job description. We enjoy new challenges and see them as new opportunities for learning and growth.


Sigfusson Northern is on a mission to improve lives — those of our employees, community residents, and everyone we encounter. As we look forward, we strive to expand our presence and influence across the country.


Our employees and their safety are critical to our success. Nothing happens onsite without a plan, trained staff to carry it out, and frequent inspections of all equipment involved. Our Health, Safety, and Environment program allows employees to focus on doing their tasks safely and with confidence.


Sigfusson Northern is dedicated to the protection of our environment, building solutions that meet the needs of the public while respecting the land around us. Sigfusson Northern’s Assignment of Responsibilities Policy lays out each employee’s responsibilities within our Health, Safety, and Environment Program, from top management to employees to the owners and suppliers we work with.