MI Bridge Construction Over Pine Creek on PR 373 & Intersection

The Challenge

The project consisted of the re-alignment of the approaches to a newly constructed bridge, demolition and removal of the existing bridge, and resurfacing and installation of a new traffic control plant. All work was completed with existing traffic flows in place. Both work areas were very congested with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows, requiring a high level of traffic management and traffic control.

The bridge construction involved cast-in-place abutment, pier, deck and approach slabs. Bituminous paving was completed of the bridge deck and approach slabs in conjunction with the road re-alignment. Due to the location of this project, all aggregates for the concrete and bituminous paving were produced onsite. In addition, the contractor was required to supply and operate a mobile concrete batch plant.

Our Solution

As required, the contractor engaged independent quality control to ensure the project was meeting technical and design requirements. The steel bridge girders were manufactured offsite and hauled onsite in sequence to facilitate the timely erection of a multipiece girder. For the centre section of the steel girders, a tandem crane lift was required due to the location of the crane staging areas.

The intersection upgrades were completed while maintaining traffic flow at the community’s busiest intersection. Work times required adjusting to coincide with off-peak pedestrian and vehicle traffic flows. As part of this project several culverts were required to be replaced while maintaining traffic flow and access. For the bridge portion of the project all aggregate required for the roadway and bituminous paving was produced by the contractor onsite.

In addition to the new intersection and traffic control signals, paved walking paths were installed to allow local pedestrian traffic to access the intersection and shops on both sides of the road safely.

Project Specs

Location: Norway House, Manitoba

Description: Bridge Construction (Structure), Intersection Improvements & Traffic Signal Plant

Completed on: November 2021