Shoal Lake Access Road (Freedom Road) Phase 2

The Challenge

The Freedom Road Phase 2 Project was completed by Sigfusson Northern Ltd. with a large amount of participation from Shoal Lake 40 First Nation and the Kekekoziibii Development Corporation.

The project consisted of 14.6 km of gravel road construction extending from the Shoal Lake 40 First Nation Reserve Boundary North Westerly to the TransCanada Hwy. Work involved right-of-way clearing, quarry and rock cut blasting, and aggregate crushing. Road embankment construction consisted of installation of sewn geotextiles and placement of shot rock and granular material of various gradations, at times through swampy areas up to 3 meters in depth. Road embankment slopes were landscaped and seeded, and culverts and erosion control measures were installed to manage drainage.

Our Solution

The project was completed on schedule and on budget with over $2,900,000 of local benefit provided to the community of Shoal Lake 40.

Project Specs

Location: Shoal Lake First Nation, ON

Description: Road Work & Mass Excavation Project

Completed on: June, 2019