Supporting Community

Sigfusson Northern believes that communities should benefit as much as possible from the projects we build. We do all we can to drive economic growth and prosperity where we work, striving to leave the area better off than when we came. This can mean taking on more projects while we’re in the area, like bridge construction to increase economic activity. As our team members work and stay in the area, we support local business as much as possible, including sourcing parts and other supplies from local suppliers.

We connect with residents through community and cultural events, whether that means enjoying the celebrations on Treaty Day or sponsoring the local hockey team’s flights for tournaments in Winnipeg or elsewhere. We particularly love events for youth and elders. Finally, we hire locals to help build these important projects, many times with the opportunity to stay with us long-term and become valued members of our team as we build in other communities. The communities we work in have long provided a large part of our workforce, and today we provide well-paying jobs to hundreds of northern residents.

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