• 3rd Generation, family owned company

  • Projects on time and on budget

  • People committed to our company values

  • Long-term relationships with First Nations communities

  • Commitment to safety procedures

  • Responsible use/protection of the environment

We can do this because:

  • SNL can be seen as a risk-taker

    Challenging projects are what get us excited. The farther north, the more remote – the more excited we get. Over the years, we have learned what to expect, and as such, we take nothing for granted.

  • We work in the north in challenging environments

    So we come prepared. We really thrive in jobs that other companies don’t even want. Our understanding of the environments in which we work is why we seek to become self-sufficient on these projects – have our own transportation, run our own camps, hire local employees – because self-sufficiency is the key.

  • Over the years we have become early adapters of technology

    We believe in the advancement of technologies, and that adoption of these technologies can (and have) made us more efficient and more cost-effective. As a result, Sigfusson Northern has been at the front line as the industry has evolved, embracing new technologies (lately developing our own operations apps and implementing drone technologies to enhance surveying techniques).