Sigfusson Northern Ltd. is dedicated to providing our employees with knowledge and understanding to safely and successfully complete their assigned tasks with the purpose of eliminating or minimizing injury and loss. All employees of Sigfusson Northern Ltd. receive extensive training. All supervisors are required to take a one-day in-house training on our SHE Program, leadership training and a three-day Basics of Supervision Course. It is also mandatory that all Sigfusson Northern employees participate in our self-teach Safety, Health and Environment Training Program when they are hired.

All new employees of Sigfusson Northern Ltd. receive orientation and training covering our Safety, Health and Environment Policies, including their roles and responsibilities, required personal protective equipment, the right to refuse unsafe work, reporting unsafe working conditions, emergency response and environmental protection. They also are required to take our self-teach WHMIS program.

Sigfusson Northern’s work record demonstrates our team’s ability to effectively handle almost any challenge, and our success has earned us the respect of our clients and industry peers.