Aboriginal relations

Sigfusson Northern has a long history of building relationships with First Nations governments, organizations, businesses, communities and individuals. We strive to create opportunities that are aligned with the aspirations of the First Nation communities where our projects take place.

Sigfusson Northern has a desire to work with and in the Aboriginal community to build positive relationships based on trust, integrity and respect. Our Guiding Principles include:

  • Promote business opportunities for Aboriginal people via suppliers, subcontractors and customers.
  • Develop training initiatives that lead to employment progression.
  • Recognize traditional values via respect and cross-cultural awareness.
  • Meaningful and open communication to better understand all facets of Aboriginal interests.

Company commitment to the local community

This isn’t something we came up with to get contracts and it’s not something we saw others doing and tried to copy. Building lasting relationships with First Nations peoples in the communities where we work is part of the DNA of the company, and has been a commitment in every contract we have taken for many, many years.

Our approach to building these relationships, understanding the goals of the local community, and creating business partnerships that benefit both parties are the primary reason that Sigfusson Northern has been able to maintain long term relations with the people in the communities we work – not because of the job we did – but because our people become part of that community.