Norway House Cree Nation Health Center of Excellence Offsite Sewer & Water Project

Location: Norway House, Manitoba

Project Description: Sewer and Water Project

Project Value: $4,500,000

Completion Date: Fall 2020

Owner: Norway House Cree Nation
Re: Wayne Anderson
Chief Operations Officer
(204) 359-6721

Consultant: J.R. Cousin Consultants Ltd.
Re: Tim Schatkowsky
(204) 489-0474

Project Description

In conjunction with the development of the Norway House Cree Nation Health Center of Excellence (NHCN HCE) project, sewer and water service was required to be expanded in the NHCN community. This project involved the design and construction of services from the existing community infrastructure to Fort Island. Key work items included a new lift station, truck fill, metering chambers, 1KM of HDPE piping works including a 250LM river crossing.

JNR working closely with NHCN, JRCC and other regulatory parties were able to successfully develop an sewer and water expansion that would service both current and future needs. In addition to the NHCN members employed directly by JNR throughout this project as additional resources were required JNR looked to Playgreen Development Corporation to supply equipment.

JNR installed a combination of uninsulated and insulated HDPE butt fused pipe using a variety of methods including open trench cutting, sunken river crossings as well as controlled trench blasting. Due to the close proximity to residential housing controlled blasting was required to be completed for the pipe and lift station installation. In addition to the pipe and lift station installations a truck fill station and metering chambers were both installed. The truck fill station allows for more efficient and timely water deliveries throughout the community. The metering chambers while not required were installed as best practice to monitor sewage effluent flowing through them and in the event of a leak or failure allow the community operator ensure system integrity.