New Gold Rainy River Project

Location: Rainy River, Ontario

Project Description: East Earthworks, North Earthworks, West Earthworks Phase 1 & Phase 2

Project Value: $45,000,000

Completion Date: September 2016

Owner: New Gold Re: Chris McGoldrick

Project Description

The Earthworks Contracts at New Gold form part of the Construction Phase of this new mine.  The scope of work includes re-routing existing waterways utilizing dams and diversion channels, constructing haul roads, sediment ponds, the mine’s Water Management Pond, and completing all associated water management, fish habitat, and erosion and sediment control.

Sigfusson Northern Ltd. completed over 1 million cubic meters of compacted clay dam construction which required 95% standard proctor density and a stringent Quality Control soil testing program.  Executing this work, productions peaked at over 20,000 m3/day.  At the Owner’s request, schedules were accelerated while difficult working conditions were encountered as a result of high precipitation, soft ground conditions and warmer than average temperatures at the start of the winter.

Diversion channel and sediment pond excavation totaled nearly 600,000 m3 of excavation volume.  All excavated soils were loaded and hauled to disposal piles which were shaped and treated for erosion protection.

Water management and erosion and sediment control within each work area was of utmost importance.  Pumping plans and sediment control plans were created for each Contract and treatment applications included: splash pads, erosion control blanket, seeding, bonded fibre matrix mulch, shrub planting, and ditching on an ongoing basis to satisfy Ministry Permit requirements.