Amisk Forebay Reservoir Clearing

Location: Keeyask, Gillam, Manitoba

Project Description: Reservoir Tree Clearing

Project Value: $48,000,000

Completion Date: April 2018

Owner: Manitoba Hydro

Project Description

The Forebay Clearing Project was undertaken by Amisk Construction, a joint venture comprised of the Cree Nation Partners (CNP) and Sigfusson Northern Ltd, with work commencing in September 2015. The scope of work entailed the clearing of trees in the area of the Keeyask Dam reservoir that would be affected by the change in water levels. The Keeyask Dam is located on the Nelson River, approximately 34km west of Gillam, Manitoba.

From large trees to small stumps and willows, Amisk construction has completed close to 4000ha of hand clearing and Machine Clearing combined. Everything from GPS equipped dozers to small brush saws were utilized to complete the work. Cutting experts were pulled both locally and from across Canada to ensure safe and efficient tree clearing.

During clearing operations, many hurdles were encountered, including changing water levels, poor ice conditions, and extreme weather, but with the cooperation of Amisk and Manitoba hydro, the project has been able to progress smoothly in a safe, culturally and environmentally friendly manner.

Amisk is set to successfully complete the Forebay Clearing Project on schedule and within budget in April of 2018. Amisk employed a ground crew averaging 70 workers and an equipment crew averaging 40 workers at various times throughout the project. At its peak, staff levels of 120 men and women were housed in an Amisk Construction owned and operated on-site camp facility. At completion, the project will have occurred over 3 winters, and is proud to have completed the project with a high local employment percentage at all times.