Job Types

Sigfusson Northern Ltd. is a growing heavy civil construction company with a diverse profile operating from north-western Ontario through to British Columbia. Our work record demonstrates our team’s ability to effectively handle almost any challenge, and our success allows us to enjoy the respect of our clients and industry peers. An example of our profile includes the following project classifications:

  • Earth and rock excavation
  • Mine construction, open pit operation and mine site restoration
  • Road construction
  • Dam work
  • Earthwork on lagoons, tailings ponds and waste contamination cells
  • Transmission line right of way clearing
  • Transmission line foundation installations
  • Environmental cleanup and soil remediation
  • Sewer and water projects
  • Crushing and screening
  • Drilling and blasting
  • Clearing and landscaping
  • Winter road construction and haulage
  • Oversize and heavy