Family history

Sigfusson Northern is a 3rd generation family run company that began work as a commercial fishing/hauling enterprise in the 1920’s. It did not take long for the family to expand the business to include the construction of winter roads that were needed for the vital supply of goods to remote northern communities.

By blazing trails into some of northern Canada’s most rough and inaccessible areas Sigfusson Northern soon became recognized as the pioneers of winter roads – with a reputation for quality work guaranteed freight and competitive rates.

But in the past 90 years while the company has grown from a small owner-operator to a true corporation in many important ways.

Now partially employee-owned, Sigfusson Northern still maintains the feel and the atmosphere of the original small close-knit family company.

In fact our primary executive and management personnel have been with the company for years – and as such have seen the company in all phases of its growth. It is this close-knit team approach that has most certainly played into the company recent success.