Lac Des Iles Ore Crushing

Location: Lac Des Iles Mine, Ontario

Description: Crushing Ore to 1”

Value: $27,000,000

Completion Date: 2005

Owner: North American Palladium Ltd, Re: Ray Mason

Project Description

North American Palladium Ltd owns and operates the Lac Des Iles palladium mine. The mine is located approximately 85 km northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is one of only two palladium mines in the world. Currently the mine is undergoing transitioning into a long life, low cost operation. This mine consists of an open pit, an underground mine and produces over 15,000 tonnes a day.

Sigfusson Northern was able to mobilize men and equipment into the site in as little as two weeks to assist North American Palladium with a primary crusher failure. Sigfusson Northern was able to produce 2,800,000 tons of 6” ore by the end of the project. Onsite production peaked at 25,000 tonnes per day. The company was also able to assist North American Palladium by supplementing the mine feed to determine the optimum gradations.

During Sigfusson Northern’s second portion of the project they were able to maintain an averaged tonnage of 4000-8000 tonnes/day for 365 days/year for a 3 year period. At the end of the three year period 6,200,000 tonnes of 1” ore were produced.

Sigfusson Northern was expected to adhere to Ontario Surface Miner regulations. This required employees to complete the Surface Miner Common Core program. This is a two day training session that covers three modules including Work Safely in the Job Environment, Lock Out, Tag Out and Operate Hand and Power Tools. These courses cover the risks and hazards associated with working in or around the vicinity of pits, quarries, excavation, mine road building, and maintenance of pumps, generators, and material-handling operations.